Born in Liverpool quite a while ago, I grew up    

   there, studied and worked there, began writing  

   there, saw The Beatles there, knew the Liverpool

   Poets there before they hit the big time, frequented

   The Phil, O’Connors, Ye Cracke, Hope Hall and 

   most bars around Hope Street.  With Tony Dash,

   I started the poetry magazines Matrix, Asylum and

   Driftwood Quarterly. Published most of the best

   poets on the scene in Liverpool at that time; Henry

   Graham, Maurice Cockrill, Brian Patten, Roger

   McGough, Jim Mangnall.  In the 70s I set up

   Driftwood, publishing books and pamphlets by

   what were then new and emerging poets.



    The venture was supported by Merseyside Arts

    Association. Through Driftwood, I promoted

    and presented  programmes of poetry readings

    in Merseyside over several years. Guests included 

    many of the leading poets of the day alongside    

    some who were to become the best in the 

    business.  In the 90s, I began to organise

    and present Driftwood’s monthly poetry events.

    Hugely acclaimed, they attracted good audiences

    to some unforgettable readings.

Since then I’ve continued to write and have my

work recorded and published. I’ve published eight books.I’ve read my work to audiences at all kinds of venues from universities and colleges to theatres, libraries, bars and even shopping precincts, throughout the UK. The work’s been broadcast

by the BBC (both Radio and TV).

Most recently;                                           

   Roscoff’s Circus.

A sequence of circus poems

illustrated by Philip Wroe

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   Until recently, I worked for Sefton Council as part of its Arts Services. For many years I endeavoured   

   to steer the local arts service in the direction of

   writing and literature. I created and promoted the

   Sefton Celebrates Writing Festival and the annual

   Sefton Writing Competition, introducing many

   world acclaimed writers to local audiences and

   providing outlets for the work of local poets.


For all these associations with the arts and with   

   the sometimes stuffy and often non-creative

   business of arts administration, my main  

   occupation has always been writing poetry.

Pictures;   me and...

   1. Adrian Henri   2. Brian Patten.  3. Miroslav Holub 

   4. John Cooper Clarke.  5. Les Murray.